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Chaos Faction 2

2010-05-15 06:59:47 by jam65

Its epic, play it, rate 5 and 10, its awesome. THANK YOU EON!!!!!

Chaos Faction 2

Johnny Rocket Fingers 2

2010-02-27 19:28:53 by jam65

Hey guys i'm just makin this post about Johnny rocketfingers 2 coz well.... You just got capped, knee capped that is. In a couple of weeks I wont think its funny but when I saw it. Pwned. It was the best thing that ever happend in Newgrounds. (besides pico and stuff)

My new motto is, You just got capped, knee capped that is.

Whoever has seen the part where he sais this, look it up on youtube. Because you have to see it. WHoever hasnt seen it is a fugly son of a bitch. ( No effence)


In the picture he owns all of them. Then some big fatty comes up with a gun. He dodges the bullet then pwnes him with his knee.

Johnny Rocket Fingers 2


2010-02-18 05:33:04 by jam65

Madness. Whoever thinks madness is friggin awesome... post below.

Also heres a quiz. Its kinda pointless but i dont give a shit.

What kind of new hand does hank get in the latest madness?

A. Blade
B. Scorpian
C. Crab
D. I dont know
E. I dont care
F. this is really pointless and i wanna go to the toilet.

=] Jam65


My 1st post

2009-07-24 00:43:27 by jam65

Im making a post about Will and sly. Its a great game but at the end i got so pissed off coz som crazy snake cept on stealing my dam fairy things. And why did theymake a badge for getting flight. All you have to do is not be a whoos and go deep into the game. Find some weird place. Read signs that say Some master guy meditated here and got wings!And then meditate there by doing nothing. Then you get wings that dont even work... T_T so anoying. Its a good game though lol.